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About Paul Parkman Dress Shoes For Men

Anders Jorgensen

CEO, Paul Parkman Dress Shoes Shop, licensed PP distributor

This site is all about spreading the awareness of the brand handmade in Turkey Paul Parkman which is only doing online selling so far. I am Anders Jorgensen and I am the founder of the Paul Parkman dress shoes online store.

Looking for a way to be part of an overall income plan I came across these leather shoes as an option and decided to see how well I can market these to the world. I think the Paul Parkman brand stands up in high quality, design and uniqueness compared to what else you can find in the market of handmade best dress shoes for men.

I have not yet seen such elegance in handmade shoes and I am honored to be able to market it to you.

I am based in Denmark and I thanks to the internet can present the dress shoes to all over the world. Due to leverage we can handle a lot of orders despite being a small registrered business with few employes.

My vision for this store is to make this store the go to place for any Paul Parkman dress shoes for men you could ever want to have in your dress shoes collection of choice.

I got got the support and knowledge to bring you the best deal you need in order to make your order for dress shoes handled with the attention, love and care it deserves.

We will be there every step of the way. If you have any questions about the product lines of Paul Parkman we will gladly answer as fast as we can. If you are in USA we are 8 hours ahead of you.